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, many are dead and missing. >>> maximum penalty, the government fines toyota for hiding safety defects. >>> earthquake in southern california. does this mean the next big one is coming? >>> and tiger returns. tiger woods at the masters talking about drugs, injuries and the reaction of the crowds. >>> good evening. as we come on the air tonight, we begin with breaking news. a mine disaster in west virginia. at least half a dozen miners confirmed dead. many more are missing. david muir has been taking in all the lateers reports. >> reporter: we just got off the phone with the west virginia state police. they confirm the explosion happened at the massey energy upper big branch mine. that is south of charleston. here are the numbers as they're coming into the associated press. x miners killed. 21 unaccounted for. just within the last couple of days, the top federal agency that looks into the mine safety in this country said more needed to be done since sago. the high tech equipment that was called for in these mines in case of accidents like these. now we have this. >> of course 12 people
>>> on our broadcast this monday night, the max, the feds hit toyota with the maximum possible fine for those defective gas pedals. is this the beginning. >>> game on. tiger woods gets ready for the masters and meetshe press. >>> shakeup. a california earthquake hits southern california. how bad was it and what is to come. >>> and the underdogs. they seemingly came out of nowhere. tonight they play for all the marbles and now you will know their names. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we begin with a breaking news story out of west virginia where there has been an accident and apparent explosion in a coal mine. getting coal out of the ground is a daily part of life in that part of the country. it appears disaster has struck the mining industry once again. ron allen has been following this story since the first word of possible loss of life and miners trapped underground. >> reporter: it is difficult to tell exactly what has happened. an explosion in a coal mine can be a difficult and deathly situation. 21 miners are unaccount
that toyota is fined by the federal government of $16.4 billion for not notifying them, and that is the largest fine ever. so we are seeing a dip, but there are recovery in shares of toyota, but nonetheless, that is a significant story, and again, wrapping up the headline, the dow jones industrial average inching so closely to dow 11,000, a place it has not been since september of 2008. however, it with elusive on this day, maria. >> thank you, scott. a big day for energy. oil prices surging past $86 a barrel, and heavy volume as well, and here is sharon epperson at the nymex with that story and this is another one that won't quit, sharon. >> right. since october of 2008 have we seen prices at these levels. when you look at oil prices over the last week and month, you will see how we broke out of the recent range and decidedly so and where are the oil prices headed? well, almost every analyst says little technical resistance to where we are to $90 a barrel. you add to that the fact of positive economic data on jobs and pending home sales today and service sector and man
. this is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners, to get the facts and the latest information, go to >> back to you, don and marty. >> good morning, it's 5 minutes until we launch for the international space station. >> we'll do it, r rock 'n' roll. >> and i was wondering, if we don't hold off the song and then meet the folks. what do you think? >>> so you want to meet the folks first? >> no, i think, let's go ahead and knock off the song. >> 5 minutes 15 seconds. >> well, let's go ahead and do this. >> you got it. and we'll meet them individually. >> and let's say happy birthday to my aunt peggy, 78 years young. peg, we love you. the pirates. give yourselves a hand. >> we want to do the song first. >> yeah, and then we'll meet them and find out about the event and what they'll tell us about and that way, we can hold off and watch the launch and get back to them. we'll talk to you after the song. you guys look great this morning and thank you for coming out. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i've got to tell you. he sneezed. >> whoever's doing jack
february. toyota has two weeks to accept or fight the penalties. >> we have a developing story out of pakistan, where authorities are investigating a car bomb and grenade attack. the white house says that it has great concern about the attack. it left four people dead. islamic militants are said to have unleashed the attack. the violence comes hours after a suicide attack at a political rally that killed 45 people. >> coming up, an amazing story of survival. how 100 coal miners got through eight days trapped underground. >> university students took the first ladies' challenge, and now they will be rewarded. >> some parts of our viewing area will get some thunderstorms. that is still to come on abc7 thunderstorms. that is still to come on abc7 >> watching abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. with gordon peterson, chief meteorologis and sports. this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m., on your side. >> breaking news of west virginia where a coal mine explosion has occurred. six people are dead and 21 are unaccounted for. it happened in raleigh karr county. -- in raleigh counted. -- raleigh county good >>> n
for vacation apartment once toyota to pay. -- the transportation department wants toyota to pay. the transportation secretary says he has evidence toyota knew of the problem in late september but did not issue a recall until late january. since then, toyota has recalled more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s.. toyota has yet to accept or to -- or refused the proposal. you've heard about the benefits of breast-feeding, but a new study shows it can save billions of dollars a year. >> and how weather can affect migraines. >> and fraught -- some lucky children enjoy the annual easter egg roll. >> coming if we don't know how many people there are, how do we know how many roads we need? the census helps us know exactly what we need, so everyone can get their fair share of funding. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census. >> proving itself to be a success with its 100,000 passenger. it travels the busy downtown corridor. it ridership has averaged more than 1200 passengers per day. >> in tonight's medical alert, breast feeding can save the lives of nearly 1000 babies
, the united states transportation department plans to fine toyota $16.4 million for alleged safety violation thchlt has to do with when the federal government was notified about a potential problem with acceleration. the law is that they must be notified within five days and toyota said they notified them in a prompt fashion, but clearly this fine has to do with fact that toyota did not notify them quick enough, and they knew about the problems months before they took the steps necessary to notify the united states government. this is the largest fine against a automaker, and 16.4 million, that toyota failed to notify regulators promptly about the pedal defect, and it took them months, and you are supposed to do it within five days. >>> we saw the stock reacting as you were talking, phil, but it is now flat on the session. but certainly, as you were talking, we had a move from positive to negative, and now it is positive again, actually moving higher. >> huge implications here, maria, for the shareholders as far as opening up toyota for greater liability problems in terms of civil cases. thi
the transportation department wants to fine toyota for allegedly hiding gas pedal problems from safety regulators. >> tom: susie, the proposed fine doesn't sound like a lot of money for the world's largest automaker, but it's the maximum allowed by law. >> susie: tom, it's also the largest civil penalty ever issued to an automaker by uncle sam. the transportation department says toyota didn't notify the government about its sticky pedal problem for four months. automakers are required to notify regulators of a possible defect within five business days. more than two million cars in the u.s. were recalled for that problem. toyota has two weeks to respond to the proposed fine; so far no comment from the company. meanwhile, some "braking" news from general motors. after those problems at toyota, g.m. is now promising brake override systems on all its vehicles within two years. the move is in anticipation of stricter u.s. regulatory standards. the override system cuts power to the engine when the brake and gas pedals are pressed at the same time. right now, only a handful of g.m. vehicles have this f
. the white house reports for now that meeting is still on the president's schedule. toyota now and what a day. the troubled company will soon pay the largest fine that the united states government has ever issued to any automaker anywhere that is if the government gets its wish. the transportation department pushed toyota to pay $16 million as a civil fine for failing to notify regulators promptly about its pedal problem. that is the maximum penalty allowed. the company now has two weeks to either accept the fine or decide to fight it toyota's recalled more than million vehicles worldwide because of those sticking gas pedals, which we're told could leave drivers behind the wheel of a run away car. peter barnes from the fox business network is live in washington tonight. give us the details behind this final. you know judge napolitano was on with us in "studio b" today when this story broke and he said that doesn't sound like much to me but i guess the max is the max. >> that's right, shep. toyota failed to notify the national traffic safety administration of the sticking problem for at least
in from the associatedded press and news core, our wire service. toyota is about to get slapped with a big fine. toyota motors is accused by the transportation secretary ray lahood of knowingly hiding a dangerous defect for months, not taking action to protect the public and the united states government is seeking a fine against toyota for 16 -- let's see, $16.4 million. the accusation is that toyota hid this sticking pedal defect. they knew about it and hid it for months and as a result they should pay a fine. this is from the transportation secretary ray lahood. we've spoke spoken to our and drew napolitano and he says this is a small fine considering the damage caused. 2.3 million vehicles recalled and accusation people decide as a result but nothing has been found yet. the judge says they should pay it right away because it's a small fine and if they don't, the united states government will sue them to demand they pay $16.4 million, toyota motor company to the united states government as fine for not telling folks about the sticky pedals. >> the butler bulldogs in indiana tips off agai
he could hide evidence at the scene. >>> toyota could get potentially hit with a huge penalty from the transportation department. the agency says it plans to seek the maximum penalty, more than $16 million against toyota. transportation officials say toyota knew about defective gas pedals in some of its vehicles in late september. but didn't issue a recall until january. the fine would be the largest single penalty ever issued to an automaker by the governor. toyota has two weeks to accept or contest the penalty. >>> breast-feeding not only saves babies, it saves billions of dollars. that's according to a new study. tonight in healthwatch, jessica kartalija reports, the benefits continue to add up. >> yeah he's perfect. yep. he's a perfect angel. >> reporter: at st. joseph's medical center, erin tallheim spends the day with her new son, zachary. today, they're learning how to brefort feed. >> this -- breast-feed. >> this is my first time doing it. so it has been a challenge. but we're work together as a team. so he's doing a good job. >> reporter: a new study of the journal of pedi
. febreze. it's a breath of fresh air. h ntis >>> developing story on toyota. the federal government imposed a maximum penalty on toyota, $16 million, the fine is the biggest issued ever against the car company. the transportation department says it took toyota too long to tell the government about defective gas pedals. toyota has two weeks to appeal the fine. >>> the stock market on a five-week roll flirting with the 11000 mark. a far cry from where we were a year ago. what is driving up the dow? looks like a slight enomic rebound. melanie alnwick has more in our minute money. >> some of this was a catch-up reaction to a bit of good news on the job front we had with the labor report. several oer green shoots as they like to call them are also coming up. investors continued the rally moving closer to a psychological bench mark of 11,000. the dow hasn't closed above that mark since september 29, 2008. consumers are feeling more optimistic. home sales are on the rise according to the national association of realtors. february contracts up more
much. there is more trouble this evening for toyota. the transportation department is seeking the maximum civil fine allowable, more than $16 million. it says toyota knew it had a problem with sticky gas pedals in late september but did not tell the government until january. toyota is expected to appeal. now to the earthquake in baja, california. more than 300 aftershocks have been reported since the magnitude 7.7 quake hit yesterday. it was centered south of mexicali and felt in southern california and as far away as phoenix and las vegas. two people in mexico were killed. experts say the toll was minimal because the force of the quake moved northwest away from population centers. bill whitaker now from the california/mexico border. >> reporter: it was the most powerful earthquake to hit the border region in 18 years and it sent people in both mexico and california running from their houses. >> i was so scared for my life. >> reporter: really? you thought you were going to die? >> yeah. >> reporter: the heaviest damage was in mexicali, mexico, the border city of a million peo
, officials announce they're seeking a fine against toyota in which recent vehicle recalls, the transportation department is seeking the maximum penalty. they show that toyota knew of sticking gas pedals in september but did not issue a recall until january. >>> taking a look outside, a clear and warm evening. we have weather and traffic together. bernadette woods has the numbers. >>> yes it is warm this afternoon. we just tied our record. nothing going on in our area, but a cold front is on its way through the region. patchy clouds but that's about it. showers to the north and the south. notice the batch of showers in this section basically the midwest. now we have the slightest chance of showers tomorrow. we go up from where we are today and have the forecast shortly. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala in traffic control. >> reporter: it's a busy one out there on roads today. we have the accident on 95 in the northbound lanes. still blocking the left lane. delay going from there, the delay gets stuck on 95 northbound approaching the beltway on the right shoulder. we have an accide
government told toyota today to pay more than $16 million, a record civil penalty for an automaker. transportation secretary ray lahood said toyota should have notified regulators much sooner about gas pedals that were sticking. the company has two weeks to accept or contest the fine. toyota is an underwriter of the newshour, for the record. those are some of the day's main stories. i'll be back at the end of the program with a preview of what you'll find tonight on the newshour's web site. for now, back to jeff. >> brown: and still to come on the newshour, the i-pad and the future of computing; troubled times for silicon valley; and jews, arabs, and the holocaust. but first, the pope's response to the scandals that have rocked the catholic church. margaret warner has the story. >> warner: on a soggy sunday in rome, thousands of the faithful celebrated easter mass in st. peter's square. but amid the age old ritual came a break with tradition. cardinal anglo, dean of the college of cardinals irb issued a ringing tribute to pope benedict xvi lauding him as the unfailing rock of the c
? >> we read recently that toyota normally has 34 lobbyist on capitol hill and they are bringing in some actress, as many as 50 lobbyists. everyone is trying to grab the attention of senators. it does not matter whether you're senior or junior, you are in the spotlight. and if you need money to run your reelection campaign, and the cost of the campaign varies according to the size of the state and and media markets that cover that state, but it is not unusual to spend $10 million for campaign every six years, or $20 million, like jon corzine in new jersey's spent $63 million. you figure that out in terms of how much you have to raise per day. and there are thousands of >> -- thousands of dollars per day. how do you keep your sanity? maybe we need to go back to when states were elected by state legislatures, spread all that time and money around. it is a real issue of major concern. >> this is one of the most polarized. odds and terms of politics. that affects the senate heard what you see is the principal causes of that? >> that is the big question. that is the major question. certainly
hearings on the toyota recalled have brought up the question of safety standards. we will have a talk with the ceo of the alliance of automobile manufacturers. coverage will be on c-span television, radio, andand c- >> what top winning documentary videos every morning on c-span. for a preview of all the winners, visit our web site. >> a state department spokesperson said that hamid karzai should it choose his words carefully when making statements about his relationship to the united states. this was after he threatened to join the taliban if he continued to receive pressure from officials. >> we have finished the holiday week, and now the place is packed. good afternoon. welcome to opening day. it is a great day to be a baseball fan. it is a great day to be a red sox fan in particular, given what happened last night. the president will be over at national park here in washington later. baseball season is underway. it is a great sports week if you are a baseball fan or a hockey fan. we have several things to talk about before taking your questions. secretary clinton and
exclusively on wjz 13. >>> toyota is being told to pay up. they are being fined for failing to notify the government about its accelerator problems. the transportation secretary says evidence shows that toyota knew about the problem in late september but didn't issue a recall until january. >> a break in the case of a man found murdered in the doorway of his baltimore county apartment. we're live in the newsroom. kai jackson has more on the arrest. kai? . >> reporter: police have arrested 40-year-old brian edmonds for the murder of moses baker iv. he was found shot in his driveway last month. police determined brian edmonds was the only person at the apartment when he was shot. he was charged with first- degree murder. police also say baker was away from his apartment days before he was murdered. denise? >> okay. thank you, kai. we wanted to say that was the wrong picture we had up just a moment ago. edmonds has been denied bail. >>> with more weather comes a crime that tips more. illegal dirt bike riders are showing up. and already, one rider is recovering from a nasty head-on crash.
it's seeking maximum fine against toyota for failing to notify it about the die affective gas pedals, the largest civil fine ever issued by the governor to an auto maker. secretary la hood says toyota knew about the problem in september but didn't issue recall until january. there are is two weeks to appeal and said it's made improvements with regulators and customers. stocks began the week on a positive note. dow up 46 and a half finishing just shy of 11,000 mark. s and p 900 gained nine and a third. oil and gasoline had hit 18 month highs. crude futures up $1.75 closing at $86.62 a barrel. gas averaging $2.83 per gallon up three cents from last week. nine cents from a month ago. >> on the road to recovery big gains in one important measurement of an important part of the economy. fox business correspondent jerry willis looks at the numbers. >> reporter: a key gauge of the housing market is looking up. pending home sales rose in february fueling to jump the home buyers tax credit. across the country mid west had the best performance, west stumbled with pending home sales dropping 4.
.m.. >> the federal government is colliding with toyota in what could be the largest fine against an auto maker. tonight at 6:00 p.m., while the transportation department is going for the maximum penalty. also, republican chairman michael steele is responding to criticism of spending in fund raising. >> we heard not complaining about the weather for a few days. >> let's check in with doug. >> a couple of minutes ago, we were shoveling in talking about nonstop snow, and these are what we are dreaming about. let's take a look at some of the numbers. we will look back across the river. it is picture-perfect. we have a couple of more war days before any changes had our way. -- a couple of more warm days before any changes had our way. -- had our way -- head our way. this pattern will continue a little while longer. i think this will diminish and go away. we are looking at a larger area of storms. this is moving across indiana and i think a lot of this will wash away. high pressure is large and in charge. 80s for us and maybe 90s just to the south. the metro area will hit the upper 80s and that will
national average. >>> bad news for toyota. the u.s. is seeking maximum civil penalties against the automaker over those recalls. i'm a little surprised that the damages numbers is as low. and then the missing link between man and apes has been found. the new species will be revealed when the 2 million-year-old child skeleton is revealed later this week. it shares charact ereristics representing the bridge in our revolution between ape and man, they say. soon to be revealed. >>> up next, new that is prosecutors may not file criminal charges in the aig fiasco that continues to cost taxpayers billions of dollars while giving the financial industry the free use of trillions of dollars for their gambling habit. >>> also, why police are only now moving against badu for the controversial naked music video and then in today's town square, we are going to talk to the author of an open letter to conservatives that has sparked a national conversation. where's the real conservative opposition in this country? get out of my bank account, get out of my bedroom. not i'm a special interest. ca
against toyota. it wants 16.3 $million for some coming fast enough about defective gas pedals. that is the largest civil penalty ever issued against an automaker. that's it from cnbc. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." nearing the 90th birthday, supreme court justice john paul stevens gave interview this is weekend that put him on the cover of both "the new york times" and "the washington post." on sunday, not so subtle indication that he is planning to retire and give president obama yet another chance to fill a vacancy on the supreme court. stevens told "washington post," quote, i can tell you that i love the job and deciding whether to leave sit a very difficult decision but i want to make it in a way that's best for the court. justice stevens wants what's best for the court but how tough a fight will president obama have this time around with republicans in congress? ron christie, republican strategist. and willie brown, former mayor of san francisco and former speaker of the california state assembly. you're both attorneys. let's start in that light.
% respectfully. and, buyers are looking past toyota's issues and march sales of tundra jumped 94%, to 11,000 trucks. toyota had a huge month. bill: everybody is watching augusta, georgia as america watches tiger woods reenter the golf world, but not before answering questions to reporters at 2:00 p.m. eastern and what does the world's greatest golfer have to say or not say, the author of "the practice of public relations" and a pr image consultant joins us now, boy oh, boy he needs you. >> this is a big day for him. juliet: how would you rate his performance as far as pr goes. >> lousy. awful. juliet: bad. >> because he's surrounded by psychofans, people who have been with him and he's a control freak, as everybody says and he wants to be around people who will tell him what he wants to hear and ari fleisher is a good guy and he got rid of him and he called this and now has to speak up. juliet: you have points i want to you get to, you say there is basically a 6-point plan, for how he should deal with things from now on. >> what i would counsel him to do, first thing, he has to confront
. now, what this will do -- obviously, this is linked to the whole toyota situation -- is it's going to reduce power to engines in cases where the brake and the accelerator are pressed at the same time. the announcement comes at a time when toyota continues to battle negative publicity over its recalls of cars involving reports of unintended acceleration, david, some of which we know were linked to the brakes and others of which were not. >> yes, possibly driver error. >> right. >>> all right, treasury secretary tim geithner delaying a report on whether china is a currency manipulator. it was originally due out on april 15th. geithner says he'll use g-20 meetings and a u.s./china strategic dialogue in beijing to urge china to budge on the yuan. very important, obviously. last week, china announced president hu jintao will attend a nuclear securities summit meeting in washington on april the 12th. and obviously, the decision made not to muddy the waters there, as we hope to get some cooperation from china on iran. for example, by pushing them all over the place on currency. but certai
also strong and honda and toyota both rose over 1%. sanrio, the maker of the hello kitty brand, jumped nearly 14% after merrill lynch japan upgraded the firm's rating. on the other hand, fast retailing fell more than 10% after the uniqlo clothing chain said sales slipped 15% in march due to unusually cold weather. its drop alone weighed down the nikkei index over 70 points. that's up. >> out said today-san, thank you very much for that. let's get some final thoughts from our guest host roger groebli, executive director lgt capital management >>. in japan we've got the bog meeting, the ecb, over in australia, a fed meeting later today. anything there that could surprise the markets? >> yes, the market is really expecting that the european central banks will keep up their hawkish behavior. and tolerate a little bit more inflation. because a lower euro would give a good boost to the european export industry, and i think this is precisely what the world also needs, because the indicators show that the global recovery is intact. we see there is a replacement cycle. we see clear indicators f
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)